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Naposim is an oral anabolic steroid, one of the most famous brands of Methandienone. Tablets are effective for increasing strength and endurance, the main effect is the rapid gain of muscle mass. It makes the drug popular among bodybuilding athletes. In general, it can be recommended to athletes of various disciplines that require intense physical exertion. This could be weightlifting, martial arts, arm wrestling, weightlifting or even hockey. Effects of Naposim - primarily an increase in weight (it is possible to gain up to 17-22 lbs during a 6-week cycle), anti-catabolic effect, increased stamina, improved performance and power. Also: improved appetite, strengthen bone, fat burning (fat burning effect is peculiar to moderate). During the cycle, male libido enhancement can also occur.Naposim has a strong anabolic effect (up to 200% of testosterone), but it also has a moderate androgenic activity (50%), because of which when receiving high doses, athletes may experience development of virilization.

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